You Survived,

now let's Thrive

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Whitney Ladd


Get My Secrets For Creating An Amazing Life After Cancer

Hi, I’m Whitney, an Intuitive and Spiritual Coach. I help spiritual women who have survived breast cancer who are struggling with their “now what” to find body, mind, and spirit healing, purpose, and joy. You survived for a reason, I’ll help you discover it.

You don’t have to feel alone and empty anymore, I understand the pain of survivor’s guilt and emotional struggle to feel grateful for life after its been forever altered. You’re not alone, I’m here for you.

My work started after I embarked on my own journey to heal after breast cancer. I used my intuitive spiritual gift and connection to Spirit to create a life I love, by design, and followed my purpose to coach other women, this is the work I love!

I want to help you learn to love your body, how to keep it healthy, and eliminate the fear of cancer coming back. You deserve a life free of fear! Its time to heal the emotional and mental trauma, to get your life back, and to make it better than before cancer. 


3_rosegold-swashMy time with Whitney was truly outstanding. I feel I am very aware of my own day-to-day challenges and know what I need to take care of so I reached out to Whitney because of her intuitive gift. I wanted to see what, if anything, I was missing from the spiritual side. I went into the session completely open to what her intuition hadLeahC to say. She helped me really gain clarity on my professional goals, offered assurance on my current actions, and even brought up an issue I was dealing with, but did not mention to her- which was incredible. She encouraged me to take my mediocre meditation practice and make it a daily, non-negotiable step to aid in my personal and professional goals- which I have and must say has been amazing! Whitney is the real deal.

-Leah Cullins Program Manager, U.S. Government