5 Tips for Chemo Treatment Day

Below are some tips to make your treatment process a little bit easier.
  • Don’t face chemo alone. It helps to have a great support system and to have that moral support during treatment. It’s even better if that same person can drive you back and forth to your chemo treatments. I know this can’t be the case for all of you but if you can’t have someone with you try to connect with someone via Facebook. Let them know you have a treatment and see if you can find a friend to chat with while you wait.
  • Pack a bag. Chemo, a lot of times, will make you tired and you’ll end up napping during treatment, but not always. Pack a bag of things to keep you busy and your mind occupied. Take a lap top or tablet, a book, crossword puzzle, magazine or something to draw or write with. Most chemo rooms offer free Wi-Fi if you ask for the password and will also offer you a place to charge your electronics. You may also want to bring your own pillow and blanket to get comfortable with.
  • Take a snack. They may offer you candy for when you first get hooked up for treatment, this is for when they have to flush your chemo line which can leave a bad taste in your mouth. I found something a little more solid did better; I took a pack of cheese crackers with peanut butter.  This worked great and I only needed one or two for the starting flush and then saved a couple for the final flush.
  • Take a drink. I recommend a bottle of water you can put in your bag. Most of the time they will offer you something to drink while at treatment but better safe than sorry, you don’t want to go thirsty. On this note, I also want to mention candy or drinks will not be offered to anyone accompanying you so let them know ahead of time so they can plan to bring a snack as well.
  • Make a pit stop. Try to use the restroom before getting started. Trust me, its not fun having to push around an IV poll and take into the bathroom with you. Of course if you have a long treatment day its inevitable, but it doesn’t hurt to save yourself a trip. And be prepared, if your chemo isn’t clear, your urine won’t be either, but this is normal so don’t freak!

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