Energy & Creation

If we only knew how powerful we really are. There is an energy and power pulsing through the universe. It’s in everything there is. Physics has discovered the vibrations and molecules making up all that there is. This same vibration and frequency makes us and even the air we breath pulse with power. 

When you get still and realize how small we are in this great big universe it can start to seem almost overwhelming. But if, while you are in that same stillness, you allow yourself to just feel, and not think, you can feel the energy all around you. This is your gift as a spirit being. 
We have the power to feel this energy and to take it, harness it, and use it for creation and more. When you open and allow the power to surge through you like a battery soaking up energy for use later, you can direct that power into what you are trying to create or become. 
Stop and realize the greatness that is you. You were put here to find and become the fullest possible version of yourself for your highest good and the good of others. Use this energy and power available to you to make great change first inside yourself, then in your life, and ultimately in the world. 

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