Joy, Innocence & Wholeness

Some people are taught that we as humans are bad or evil, so where’s the joy in that? Answer, there is none. When I started on my spiritual journey I had a lot of religious “unlearning” to do and part of that was realizing that there is nothing wrong or bad about me. It took time but eventually I was able to face myself, question my beliefs and reclaim my joy, innocence and wholeness.

I now know and believe that God made me whole, innocent and perfect as I am and that He did the same for every single one of you. When you let go of the thought that there is something bad inside of you, you are able to find self love and an expanding joy in your heart. When you fill your heart with that it will shine and reflect into all parts of your life and relationships.

Embrace who you are, perfect and whole in God’s eyes and love. I encourage you to use the meditative thought this week to think on and help you see we are all one, whole, love and perfection in the infinite universe God created. Let yourself start to believe and feel into it to bring back a childlike joy into your life. Also use the affirmation this week to help counter any negative self talk you find yourself thinking.

Ready to really take your spirituality and reality to the next level? This week use the power question to help retrain how you see yourself, your reality, the people around you and all of life. Write it down, question what you believe, why do you believe what you believe and are you ready to believe something new? Please leave your comments below and let me know what tools this week have helped you. Have a blessed week and wonderful holiday Easter weekend.

With Love, 

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