The POWER of Choice

The most powerful thing there is is the ability to make a choice. I struggled for a long time with being able to make a choice. I would get nervous about if I was making the right decision, what about the possible outcome, what would people think, etc. The classic thing we are told to do is to weigh the pros and cons, but what if you do that and still feel paralyzed to make a choice?

In my video I give a quick tip for being able to see how the choice feels when choosing in an A or B situation. I also offer a challenge if you just need help figuring out what you want. Sometimes the fastest way to see what you want is to notice what you are resisting. The resistance is actually fear keeping you in place and in your comfort zone.

So please watch my video below to bust out of your paralyzed decision making and claim your power to choose! Take the challenge and start to create momentum in your life and see that face and doing the things you are resistant to really aren’t that scary or hard to accomplish. Even the tiniest momentum can catapult you towards great change.

Please comment below and leave your questions. Also, email me if you have a question or block you need help with and I’ll address it in a future video. Below the video is where you find the FREE and POWERFUL tools to help you this week. Start using them now and daily to help push you even further and open your mind and spirit up to the great possibilities you can create in your life.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my video.

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