Truth Knows

With passionate persuasion you appease the ego, for the soul that knows Truth needs no explanation and places no argument. When pursuing to discredit any opposition with futile urging and disgruntled emotion, the attempt to influence another into agreement is an attempt to prove to ones own soul the ego’s belief in none truth. Real Truth is peaceful, certain and unchanging, true soul knowledge patiently unfolds in a constant evolution flawlessly paced to each owns soul. Therefore, release and surrender your need to convince, for in the awareness of such a state, one can allow the next stage to take place, to settle the ego and expand the soul, for the beauty of Truth to take hold. 

The ego vainly persists to win, but the Truth has already done so, so the soul that knows Truth can demonstrate Truth through still and quiet action, the most powerful form of action. Truth preserves energy through expanding in love, an inexhaustible source of energy the body soaks up, so do not engage in disagreements, wasting precious energy and leaving behind love, instead, stand fluid in light and love, healing all situations. Create the space for Truth within the soul by letting go of rigid beliefs allowing the Creator to fill your heart with divine understanding and compassion, never again will you be quick to anger or feel the need to defend, for the Truth needs no explanation and places no argument. 

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