What Cancer Taught Me

Cancer taught me a lot more than just that but those things are so important in changing the world. So many times people post things on social media without thinking. If we would all ask a few questions before speaking, acting and before posting things we could create peace instead of separation. So often things are posted that people think are harmless, actually they probably don’t think about it at all, and that needs to change. Its time to WAKE UP and think!

Its time for people to ask these questions before they do anything: What are my motivations behind this and what kind of reactions do I want or expect? Does this cultivate a sense of peace and love or hate and separation? Those two simple questions are so important in changing the way people think. Until we are willing to see history as a lesson and not an excuse we cannot change our future. The common phrase “history repeats itself” is true until its not, until we learn to see history as a tool.

Hate never wins, this has been proven time and time again however people still try. What we can learn from history is that people can make a difference when they choose love over hate and allow the past to heal. Healing history can be done but it requires people to invite love, forgiveness and peace into their hearts. Preserving peace requires placing judgement, blame and unforgiveness out of the heart. Dr. King had a dream of love and peace, a dream had by so many others and continues today.

So cancer, while being a horrible disease, is so universal and pure in its way of uniting all of people. Cancer has no bias, cancer, unlike other diseases, can not be pinpointed by blame. You don’t get it by having sex, it doesn’t happen from not taking care of your body, its not a result of using drugs or receiving “unclean” blood, it doesn’t happen in only part of the world and it can’t be passed from person to person. So lets learn from cancer to stop blaming and unite in peace in ourselves and others.


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